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Submitted on
January 17, 2012



Round Three has Started

Read This, it's important!

I will auction the slots for points starting from 30 :points:, all races in the Warcraft verse are open, two slots per race, one male, one female.

Wanna bid? leave a message here with your bid. (remember people, bid in this journal and in a new comment so everyone can see)

I will tell you here if someone bid on a slot and with how much in case anyone wants to up the bet in a period of seven days. Remember people, this is an auction, so have no mercy XD.

Also, I will update the bids in this journal a couple of times a day and notify of out-bids. So keep bidding on the comments section!!

Seven slots per round! Once they are all taken, you can't bid on new stamps, but you can out-bid on the stamps already on auction if you are in time :D.

Slots are blank when the auction starts and are filled with specific races as they are bid upon

Two stamp limit per User!  This means that you can only fill two blank slots with a request, but you can still bid on any other auction, as long as they are open.

Wanna buyout a slot? 300 :points: !!! (lol XD The buyout will rise with each round guys!! so don't waste time ;D)

PS: People, Bid on new comments, that way it looks cleaner and everyone can keep easier track of the bids :D

Remember people!! Round 3 is a second chances round, all races open for this special round!! (The background of these stamps will be golden instead of red to celebrate the occasion!)

This journal will update as the bids come in

Check this… to see what races are done!

Check up the lucky winners! Round One:  Roun… Two:

Round Three: Open!

UPDATE: Bids on new slots is CLOSED! You can still out-bid on the races already opened!!

UPDATE 2: New Slots will open later this week people! So don't lose heart and keep an eye open

Current Auctions

Closed Auctions

Human Male :iconloaniss: 75 :points: (Auction closed. Congratulations! Status: Awaiting References)

Blood Elf Female : :iconmistress--misa:  Buyout: 300 :points: (Congratulations! Status: 80%)

Night Elf Female: :iconnighte-studios: 50 :points: (Auction closed. Congratulations! Status: Finished and Delivered)

Forest Troll Male: :iconliving-in-whimsy: Buyout: 300 :points: (Congratulations! Status: Finished and Delivered)

Female Human: :iconliving-in-whimsy: Buyout: 300 :points: (Congratulations! Status: Finished and Delivered)

Tauren Male: :iconstephys-adoptables: 160 :points: (Auction closed. Congratulations! Status: In Progress)

Female Goblin: :iconstephys-adoptables: 30 :points: (Auction closed. Congratulations!  Status: In Progress)

Darkspear Troll Male : :iconstephys-adoptables: 30 :points: (Auction closed. Congratulations!  Status: In Progress)

Blood Elf Male : :iconliving-in-whimsy: Buyout: 300 :points: (Auction closed. Congratulations! Status: Finished and Delivered)

Tauren Druid Cat : :iconstephys-adoptables: 30 :points: (Auction closed. Congratulations! Status: In Progress)

Winners of the auction can upload a copy of their stamp on their own gallery! just don't forget to give credit and link to my page ;D

So, I think I'll put a week as delivery time for the finished pieces (counting from when the references were sent to me) This is my first time doing commisions, so I humbly ask for some room for delay ;D

Once the auctions are done, for payment,: full prize after, like a hooker? half before, half after, like a hitman? or full prize before, like a fancy hooker? mmm, I must ponder.

Stamps as commissions!

Yes, you can order a stamp as a commission! By paying full buyout price (depending on the buyout price of the round) you can get your own stamp, disregarding slot availability!*

Round 2 buyout price was 200 :points: so It will be the same for commissioned stamps until  Round Three starts (March 19) So you have until March 18 to commission at Round 2 prices!!

UPDATE: Commissioned Stamps are on hold!!

Until further notices, most likely until round 3 clears shop :D

*Comissioned Stamps have an estimated delivery deadline of 9 days (suceptible to 1+day delays if I get swamped XD)
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If so, I want opening bids on Male Orc and male Undead. <3
Ramavatarama Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
at the moment, there aren't new slots open, sorry, I still have stamps to do cause someone got tardy with the references...

AHHAHAHAHAHAA, I am so evil XD ;D Just kidding XD!

No, but really, I will open new slots when my queue clears a bit, I don't want to get swamped ;D.

Another thing, technically, you can't open new slots per the "two opening bid per user cap" rule. But you are a smart cookie, so *wink wink*

Are these new slots available I see?
Loaniss Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there. I like your art, see.
Could I up the bid on the Human Male to, say, 75 Points?
Ramavatarama Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
of course! I'll update the journal with your bid :D
Mistress--Misa Mar 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
May I bid 200 for the female bloodelf?
Mistress--Misa Mar 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
Actually scratch that, can I just buyout?
Stolen-Dreamer Mar 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well darn, there goes my strategy of bidding at the last minute :p Congrats though!! Can't wait to see it!
Mistress--Misa Mar 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
The art is just too good to leave open for outbidding lol

and thanks I can't wait to see it either ^^
Ramavatarama Mar 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
for 300 :points: ??
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